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lightupwithshua podcast by Shua

Podcast in English & Urdu 

My name is Shua and I am the owner of LUWS ACADEMY LLC (USA) and the founder & host of lightupwithShua, a weekly podcast on Conscious Living and Parenting, published weekly.

I hope you all have passed through the Covid times without too much loss and more to gain. The virus is still hanging around us and we have learned to live with it to some extent. May this pandemic eradicates sooner than later. 

This is a bilingual podcast. So far I have published about 100 plus episodes. Season 1 was my a time of learning and making connections. I had some amazing guests who were supportive and graciously took time out to come to the studios in Groton, MA or be on Skype or available in Person. That is still happening. I feel very lucky and blessed to have amazing good guests on my shows.

Season 2 started with interviews with younger people in Urdu as well. Did some travel shows while in Pakistan, more coming on that.

Season 3 started with  Environment and Climate Change. Hope you had a chance to watch or listen to it.

LightupwithShua podcast is for people like you and me, who are full of life, always learning, striving to get better and move on to mastery.

My podcast may help people, individuals, parents and anyone who is willing to evolve and grow by listening to rich conversations from people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

You and I can together learn to solve and transform our problems to solutions. How? Well by listening to the stories of amazing individuals from all age groups, all kinds of professions, cultures, and ethnicities. In addition to listening and doing call to action on the lightupwithShua website and on the shows, you will have the opportunity to attend live shows on Facebook, join the free Facebook group and attend workshops, retreats and programs that are coming up this year 2022. So, stay tuned by visiting the website, instagram, Linkedin and facebook pages.

A thought:

When I was a little young person, I would have liked to listen or watch similar programs where I could hear diverse viewpoints from multicultural backgrounds and learn from  people talking about diverse topics.

I believe this podcast is also helpful for people who are not able to travel far away for whatever reason and get this valuable information in their hands so conveniently through smart devices and other smart technology today. 

I believe that someone, somewhere will benefit from these fascinating conversations doesn't matter who you are. This is to serve you! And I think at the end of the day, that is what matters, what do you think?

In addition to you learning and benefiting from our conversations on LUWS - lightupwithshua, my esteemed interviewees have expressed that my thoughtful questions provides them the opportunity to think about things they never thought of before or didn’t articulate it the way they do during our interviews. So, I guess I bring mostly the best in my interviewees! ;-)

Some of my guests have expressed that their time with me during these interviews will help them to further ponder and transcend through similar issues discussed. So, my hope is that you will also think about the questions and our conversations in ways that will benefit you and those with whom you would like to share these conversations.   

Those who are regular listeners of this podcast might have gathered that I am enjoying the process of meeting people and learning from them. For me, interviewing people is like reading an infinite book, a book with never ending chapters with captivating stories.

This LUWS podcast is for people who are open to the possibilities and ready to learn. Beautiful souls looking to find any opportunity to broaden their horizon, challenge their limits and share their knowledge and experiences. Thank you for listening and watching. And if you like this podcast or any episode, please feel free to send me your comments and feedback!

A little more reminder dear listeners, you will find guests from Native American tribes, African Americans, Pakistani Americans, Jewish Americans, Indian Americans, Swedish, Pakistani, and so many more.

I am a Muslim, Pakistani-American, born in Saudi Arabia, brown immigrant who hosts and interviews Indians/Hindus, Christian-Evangelists, Rabbis, students, people of all genders, housewives, professionals, entrepreneurs, you name it!

This I think is called inclusivity and diversity. Hope you can appreciate and learn with me on this journey! In one podcast, you can find guests who are multinational, multi-faith, multicultural, non-faith, and all, talking about one topic! They are all lighting up our world with great insight and a message of hope!

And lastly, please subscribe, share, rate and review. This will be a tremendous gift to me from you.

Thank you!

Shua - شعا ع 

Jun 18, 2019

URDU EP - TWELVE - عام آداب؍ معاشرت - General Societal Etiquettes

Note for all the episodes of Islami Muaharat Series: My suggestion, advice and expectation for listening these episodes. Please help your children to do some research on the references I provide. Let them explore and learn how to look for Surah’s and Ayats in the Qur’an.

Also to ponder, reflect and discuss all the topics and stories I talk about in this series. Help them connect and contact me through my website [] comment sharing box or email: Also, the exercises or questions I pose during these lessons are important for the children to do with the help of their parents, or older siblings, or elders or their teachers or tutors or themselves if they can.

The purpose of this podcast series is to educate about the basics of Islam for the youth and an average person no matter what your faith is and/or have no faith (you still live in this world and wouldn’t hurt to learn about what exists out there, right?). This podcast series is for everyone and for all ages who can understand the language. The podcast series is in Urdu.

This podcast series is for educational purposes and is copyrighted. You can use the content as a reference for any research or talk only if you provide the full reference to the source, which in this case is lightupwithShua podcast and the host and founder Shua. At times you will find humor and the conversation will be casual. The intention is not to offend anyone including the followers of Islam. So please stay easy and cool.

The topic of the Urdu podcast is ‘What is an Islamic society according to the Quran? In addition to these topics, there will be more topics, so stay tuned and subscribe to the podcast. Hope you will enjoy this series of podcast. If possible and if you find some time, I would be willing to hear your feedback or constructive comments about the lightupwithShua podcast.

The Qur'an references for this episode are:

Surah:Ayat (Chapter:Verse) 24:27; 24:28; 58:11; 29:29; 24:62; 33:53; 4:54; 49:12

Stay tuned for live events on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you and enjoy!

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